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Reports and Papers:

1. ImprovAbility™ Success with process improvement (2013), Pries-Heje, J. and J. Johansen eds., DELTA, Hørsholm, Denmark. Foreword by Alec Dorling.

2. The ImprovAbility™ Model (2007), Pries-Heje, J. and J. Johansen, M. Christiansen, M. Korsaa, CrossTalk Vol 20 No.2

3. A Framework for Selecting Change Strategies in IT Organizations (2006), Pries-Heje, J. and O. Vinter, PROFES 2006 Proceedings.

4. ISO 33014: Software and Systems Engineering - Guide for process improvement (2012), International Standardization Organisation.

5. Aspects you should consider in your action plan when implementing an improvement strategy (2017), Carstensen, P.H. and O. Vinter, SPICE 2017 Proceedings.

6. Developing Action Plans Based on Strategy - Aspects to Consider (2018), Carstensen, P.H. and O. Vinter, Software Quality Professional Journal (SQP), Vol. 20, Issue 2. American Society for Quality, Wisconsin, USA.


Der findes endnu ikke en dansk udgave af denne side. Nedenfor findes en kopi af den tilsvarende engelske side:

There are huge amounts of literature on change strategies and general recommendations on how to organize and conduct strategic changes. At DELTA I have been deeply involved in studying factors which promote or impede process improvements succeeding in companies. This took place as part of a large Danish research project (Talent@IT 2003-2006). The work resulted in the ImprovAbility™ model for improvement and innovation [1][2].

As part of our research we studied change approaches to find a generic set to be customized/contextualized by organizations when embarking on a change project. We found that these approaches could be assigned to the well-known levels: Strategic, Tactical and Operational.

The change approaches at the strategic level were studied separately and when related to the literature on organizational change strategies we found that they could be described by ten overall change strategy types; a Change Strategy Nexus. We documented them in our ImprovAbility™ book [1] and presented them at several conferences e.g. at PROFES06: A Framework for Selecting Change Strategies in IT Organizations [3]. The ImprovAbility™ model including the ten overall strategies has been adopted in 2012 as an ISO standard (ISO 33014) [4]. The model and assessment services have been commercialized by former DELTA process consultants through the consulting company Whitebox.

The Change Strategy Nexus

The ten overall strategies in the Change Strategy Nexus are described in the PROFES06 paper [3]. We have developed a questionnaire for the Change Strategy Nexus which can be used in assessments of organizations to help them determine the optimal set of overall change strategies for their change in their organization. The result of such an assessment could look like this:

The figure shows that a combination of the two strategies: Optionality and Specialist-driven will be the optimal choice for this organization and change. It also shows that the strategies: Attitude/Learning-driven and Exploration are not recommendable.

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The Aspects of a Change

When the optimal strategies have been selected using the Change Strategy Nexus the next step is to develop an action plan for the change. We have read all the literature that forms the basis for the ten overall strategies with the purpose of extracting the recommended actions of the authors corresponding to the overall strategies. These recommended actions are generic and should be customized/contextualized for each organization and the particular change.

Through this work we have found that the recommendations can be grouped in eight aspects that should be considered in any action plan for an organizational change, irrespective of whether a strategy selection has been performed by our Change Strategy Nexus or not. We have described these eight aspects in a paper: "Aspects you should consider in your action plan when implementing an improvement strategy" [5]. The paper was presented at the SPICE 2017 conference and published by Springer in the Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS) series of Proceedings as number 770. You can download from here the presentation.

The resulting process from strategy determinations to implementation looks like this:


The process from strategy determination to implementations is described in an article: "Developing Action Plans Based on Strategy - Aspects to Consider" [6] published in the Software Quality Professional Journal (SQP) by the American Society for Quality (ASQ).

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Seminars and Presentations

I and several other former DELTA process consultants (now at Whitebox) give presentations on the change strategies, aspects of change, and our experiences with them varying from 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on your needs. We perform Change Nexus assessments for organizations and can help you develop plans for customized/contextualized actions based on these. You can get more information on these offers by contacting me.

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